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What to Know About the REMO Conference Platform



An event login will be emailed to registrees the day prior to the live event.

** On the morning of, if you have not received your login info or are having trouble accessing the platform, click here to GET HELP **

Please use Chrome browser, as other browsers are iffy. Be sure to update your browser before accessing Remo.

Please use a Mac or PC, as Remo does not yet play well on mobile platforms.


Short video tutorial on how to use REMO as an event attendee:

How to Use REMO as an attendee

REMO Basics

There are TWO BASIC MODES to this platform, which are conversation mode and presentation mode.

  • CONVERSATION MODE shows a “floor plan” that looks like a ballroom, with a stage and tables. You can move to a different Table by double-clicking on an empty seat. With your Camera & Mic on, you can video chat with the people at your Table.
  • NOTE: you cannot choose a custom background like you can with Zoom. So be sure you’re happy with the setting behind you that will show on camera.
  • PRESENTATION MODE requires features during presentations. During presentations, you will be automatically muted and your video will be disabled. You can text chat and ask questions in the box to the right of the screen.
  • To view the presenter’s slides full-screen, you can click the icon (shown below), which is located in the upper right corner. However, you will not see the Chat menu UNTIL you hit ESC to exit full-screen viewing:
  • NOTE: While any videos are playing, do not hit “pause,” otherwise you will get out of sync with our timed program. 

How to Interact on REMO

  • When you enter, you will see the event “floor plan” and the system will randomly place you at a Table.
  • To switch seats, double-click on any table to “sit” there.
  • You should see a Menu bar at the bottom of the screen.
  • Make sure that your Camera & Mic are ON (click icons in the Menu bar)
  • By default, you will be able to video chat with the group at your table any time when no one is presenting, as long as your Camera & Mic are enabled.

  • NOTE: This platform has no “breakout rooms” but rather Tables – 6 people at each
  • While video chatting at your table, you can click “TILE VIEW” in the bottom menu for a Zoom-like experience.
  • Click “BACK TO MAP” to return to the original view showing the floor plan.
  • You can move tables just by double-clicking on a different table where there is an empty spot.

During Presentations

  • During presentations, your Camera & Mic will be disabled (They will reactivate as soon as we return to “Conversation Mode.”)
  • During Presentations, you will see a box at the right with Chat | Participants | Q&A 

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They are used this way:

  • Chat – allows General chat, Table chat or Private chat
  • Participants – shows the list of people attending (you can search and click to chat with them privately.)
  • Q&A – please use THIS tab for questions posed to presenters during the live Q&A sessions.

During presentations, use the icon (shown below) at any time to make the slides bigger. But, you MUST exit full-screen mode again to enable the chat.

Whiteboards for Brainstorming

  • While in “Conversation Mode,” the menu at the bottom of the screen also shows an icon to open a Whiteboard. Here you can write, draw and add shapes in a shared “sandbox” with folks at your Table. We will use this for our brainstorming sessions.
  • You simply need to click on the Whiteboard icon to get started. If anyone at your table opens the shared Whiteboard, you will also be prompted with a message asking if you want to join.


  • Immediately after showing your presentation, we will “invite” you on stage for live Q&A.
  • Please be sure to click “Cam On” and “Mic On” in the bottom menu to bring yourself on stage. 
  • When presenting live using Share Screen, you will not be able to see yourself, but will only see your slides, even though the audience will be viewing both.


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