Watch Fall 2021 Talk Videos

DAY 1: Innovation Summit

DiabetesMine Innovation Days 10th Anniversary Opening – Fall 2021

“Quantifying Inequities in T1D Care” – Dr. Ananta Addala, Stanford Medicine

“Social-Technical Issues in Diabetes Product Design” – Hana Nagel, designer and advocate

“Proactively Approaching Diversity in Diabetes (DiD) ” – Quisha Umemba, CDCES & DiD Founder

“Beyond Product Sales: The Role of Retail Pharmacies in Diabetes Care” – Dr. Kenneth Snow, CVS Health

“Disrupting Diabetes Medication & Care Delivery” – Frank Westermann, 9am Health

“How Time in Range (TIR) is Taking Over” – Jim Carroll, diaTribe Foundation

DAY 2: D-Data ExChange

Diabetes #DData Milestones: A Visual History of the #WeAreNotWaiting Movement – Dana Lewis, OpenAPS

“A New Perspective on Insulin Sensitivity: Insights from a Hybrid Neural Network” – Chris Wilson, DIY Leader

“FDA’s Latest Moves on Diabetes Device Innovation” – Yiduo Wu, FDA

“50+ New CGM Companies to Watch” – Chris Gilbert, Seagrove Partners

“Meet Omnipod 5” – Lindsay Philbrick, Insulet Corp.

“Helping AID System Nail Complex Foods” – Laya Ekhlaspour, Stanford Medicine

“The New Rising T1DE Alliance: Employing Analytics to Drive Change” – Diana Ferro, Children’s Mercy Kansas City


CamAPS FX – Demo

Diatech SmartFusion for Insulin Pump Occlusion Detection – Demo

CeQur Simplicity – Demo

Know Labs – Demo

iSage Rx Insulin App – Demo

DiaM Life – Demo


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