Watch June 2020 Talk Videos

Click through below to watch presentations from the Summer 2020 D-Data ExChange.

Welcoming Remarks by host Amy Tenderich, DiabetesMine

+ Q&A with Keynote Speaker Sarah Zweifach (starting at 15:40)

Keynote Talk: “Data-Driven Care for All: Challenges & Opportunities” by Sarah Zweifach, NYU, Clinical Product Strategy & Digital Health

“FDA’s Health Quality System” – Courtney Lias, FDA

“Diabetes DIY in 2020 – #WeAreNotWaiting Global Projects Update” – Wes Nordgren, Nightscout Foundation

HappyBob app Demo – Jutta Haaramo, Harald AI

Emmett app Demo – Dan Korelitz, Emmett App

LifePLUS CGM Demo – Alodeep Sanyal, PhD, Lifeleaf

SugarBeat CGM Demo – Fred Schaesbsdau, Nemaura

Biolinq CGM Demo – John Sjolund

“Breakthrough Patient-Led Research: The Tidepool Loop Study” – Diana Naranjo, PhD, Stanford University

“A Deep Dive Into Commercial Close-Looped Systems IRL,” a DiabetesMine Study – Dana Lewis

“Tandem Control IQ Launch: Customer Support Challenges in an Interconnected World” – Danielle Karsten, Tandem Diabetes Care

Ditch the Manual: Digital, Interactive Diabetes Product Support” – interactive session led by Aimee Jose, Steady Health


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