Using Remo

We’re excited to be hosting events in this cool new interactive platform!

Remo is a platform that replicates the experience of attending a live event. You can “sit” at different tables and interact with the people around you face-to-face. Enjoy an awesome lineup of presentations, live Q&A, interactive brainstorming sessions, and virtual networking to top it all off!

Top 3 tips for using Remo:

  1. Please use CHROME to access the event, as other browsers can be a bit tricky.
  2. When you enter the virtual conference room, Remo will place you at a table. Double-click on any empty chair to “switch seats” and get to know everyone at your table!
  3. During presentations, use the Q&A box at the right to ask questions to the presenters.

Click here to be directed to our FAQ page on using Remo and troubleshooting.

We look forward to seeing you virtually!


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